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I started out with the big heavy Kelty Noah 12, plenty of room, but could never get it as tight as I would like.

I have since gone with the AHE Shangri La, 11' by 9'10" at the head, and I think 7' at the foot in. It's a tapered tarp. I really like it and have weather some pretty heavy rain storms under it just fine.
Me too and found the 12x12 can also be a bear to set up when things get tight or there are two hammocks close. Got the Shangri La and a Toxaway. The Shangri La has only been tested in Rainbird type lawn sprinklers but has held up surprisingly well and does give a decent front porch set up. The Toxaway is my go to for long moto travel with uncertain weather. It will not close up like many of its bigger cousins but it offers enough coverage to block wind and a great porch. Thinking about adding a couple of Grizz Beaks for when stuff gets extra windy/cold/wet.

The Shangri La is a breeze to set up in close quarters but there needs to be some good placement. The Toxaway allows more wiggle room in your set up. Both beat the snot out of the Kelty 12x12 both in ease of set up and bulk/weight. If I were in doubt the Toxaway would be the go to choice.