So I am about to tell you a story ... a long one, or at least it seemed so to me.

It all started one Friday April 22nd, when my paycheque came in, and I was planning on spending it on some hammock upgrades. I have a Hennesy Explorer with the bottom opening and I have a roommate who has been looking into getting into hammock camping and I myself wanted to breathe some life into my HH since it has remained on my shelf since my new Warbonnet Blackbird arrived many moons ago. So I bought some whoopie slings and some tree straps (also some of Bloomgorge's elephant trunks) with plans to swap out the suspension for whoopie slings since I have always wanted to try them out. I also decided "why stop there?" so I made the decision to send away my hammock for the 2QZQ Mod 4!

After getting my response back about how to send my hammock to 2Q and ZQ I promptly sent an email to my dad asking him to mail my hammock right away (it was in storage at my parents house) and he did and I waited for it to arrive.

When it arrived in Pennsylvania I was greeted with an email about it arriving safely and being added to their queue of work. Which is on average about 2 weeks. So two weeks later on the dot I get an email stating my hammock is being worked on and instructed how to get it shipped back. I chose standard shipping because I was several weeks away from my next camping trip.

So begins the horror of the shipping! While waiting for my hammock to arrive Canada Post (Canada's USPS) goes on strike, and my hammock is not allowed in to Canada and begins a strange trip of bouncing around between New Jersey and New York. However I am not aware of this and I am sitting patiently at the door waiting for my hammock.

Eventually after about 3 weeks I get nervous and send an email to 2Q and ZQ asking if they know what I should do about finding information about my hammock. The next day I get a reply from Donna stating all the tracking information they have, that she has called the post office and put a "trace" on it where they would be notified of it's next scan and would get back to me when she knew more. This was more than I asked for and put my mind at rest that it was in good hands.

Next Canada Post went on a full lock out (they had been doing rotating strikes before) and this news hit the forums. Without any mention from me I get a PM from 2Q saying he say the news and was curious if I was being affected by it. This was quite impressive to me since I hadn't even seen the thread on hammock forums yet.

Then I get another email back that they contacted Donna and told her the package couldn't get into Canada and would be returned to her. At least it wasn't lost.

So we wait and we wait and finally the Canadian Government steps in and says "GO BACK TO WORK" which a lot of people were upset at and with good reason, however I just wanted my hammock.

With that done, I ask Donna to send my hammock now that the strike is over (at least for now) and she has it out in postal service land within the hour and it moved along but unfortunately missed the trip I had this past weekend so my roommate continued to be a ground dweller.

Now into the 3rd week of shipping again I contacted Donna about the shipping information with hopes it will make it to my next trip (this weekend). As usual I get a quick response with more information than I was expecting and the hopes I would have it by the end of this week.

And as you can guess, she was right and as of today I am holding my hammock in my hands, suspension swapped out for whoopie slings, new zipper mod 4 with amazing quality. I couldn't be happier.

Even though it was all my post office's fault that this took me just under 3 months to get this done I would do it all again. The customer service was just astounding and the quality of the craftsmanship is amazing.

5 stars for 2QZQ zipper mods!