I just completed sewing my hammock sock. It is measures 9' long and 45" wide before seams and sewing. I used 1 65"x9' piece of 1.1 DWR ripstop and 1 25"x9' piece of non-coated 1.1 ripstop. At first I only used the non-coated ripstop since that was all I had. But after thinking about it, that might be a good thing. The coated should help stop the wind a little better and provide a little extra protection from any windblown rain. That shouldn't be an issue with the tarp I am using. The non-coated should help ventilate the mosture from my body and breath. Hopefully that will stop any condensation. I have it sewn so that I can hang the non-coated on the either the top or bottom depending on how it works out. The open end is closed using a draw string and cord lock closure.

I know I should post a pic with it, but I was too happy about finishing to wait. I am planning a quick overnight tomarrow night. I'll post pics after that. The temp should be around 30 degrees. I am going to try to find a site close to the lake and hopefully get closer to 20.