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I'm completely new to hanging and I'm looking to go on a camping trip soon in georgia, is there anywhere that you would recommend since you aren't too far away. I know of one place on lake tugaloo near tallua gorge that is pretty amazing, but I figure you have a place or two to recommend. Also, if you would want to try to plan a hanging trip in ga some time let me know.
I'm new-ish to this myself, but I do know a few good places. My favorite is the Chatoogah River area near the GA/SC/NC border. I'll actually be up there later today for a weekender. Absolutely beautiful! Pine Mountain in Roosevelt State Park is another place. I've never been myself, but I've heard great things about it, and it's pretty close. My other spots are further into NC along the AT mostly, but just about anywhere with trees will do!

We should defintely get a GA hang scheduled when the weather cools down. There are a lot of fellow Georgians on this forum.