I posted this as a reply to a thread in the supports thread, but if you're not using the "new posts" button, you probably don't check the "hammock supports" thread. So here it is:

I'm looking for a line that will replace a stock HH line. I bought my hammock at an REI attic sale and there's a spot on the cord where the covering is split and it's clearly starting to become unsafe. I like the line that comes stock on the HH, but I'm not sure where I can get some more. Anyone know?

Also, I need to know of something that I could use for this, from Just Jeff's. The line would be for attaching the rings to the hammock line, so I need something about the same size as the hammock lines, or a bit smaller. I saw that Jeff used AirCore Plus, but I have only seen that at backpackinglight.com and I don't want to shell out $40 for something that I only need 10 feet of and can only buy in 50 ft lengths.