To all this concerns .

Hello , this may be the wrong spot for this but I felt it was easier than retyping this over and over again .

If you have purchased something from me recently I must apologize for being late on shipping and ask for your forgivness .
My family and I had to leave our home due to a faulty wire in the back bedroom , we were going to move any way but not in such a hurry and not into the house we moved to , it ended up costing us way much more than we would ever pay for a home but we were forced out of our house in a blind hurry . The house we were living in was old and almost caught on fire , the city pretty much condemned it and we had to take a home just to have some where to go .
If you have purchased something from me I ask you to please give me until the middle of this coming week to ship to you and it will be done , I /we cannot affored to refund anyone money as it would devistate my family and drive us into the ground , you have my word , your gear will go out no later than weds of this coming week .

I know alot of you do not know me and I hate to name drop but NEO (Rick) has known me on a personal level for 4 and a half years and will vouch for me on this , I have never done a soul wrong and never would. I have never run into issues like the above.....I never thought in a million years that $28 bucks would be so hard to obtain . I usually work a month on and three weeks off and I have had to work non stop since all of this occured .

Anyway , enough about all of this...I wanted to publicly announce this to you so you would understand why your stuff was late getting to you , once again , I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

SSGT. Christopher Duke