I am home for spring break this week and visited the various Wal-Marts in the area in search of more fabric. (I still have to make a hammock for my sister, among other projects I want to tackle.) Struck out on the first. They do have a fabric section, but nothing that I was looking for.

The second Wal-Mart had some 1.1 oz ripstop in a forest-green color, which I already have some of. Then I spotted some heavier fabric (maybe 1.9? heavier than 1.1, that's all I know) in a blue color. I thought my sister might like something different than mine and my fiance's hammocks. Of course, there was only about 7 feet of the fabric, and I wanted at least 9, preferably 10. So I decided to get the 1.1 stuff, and there was only about 16 feet of that, where I needed at least 18, if not 20.

To make it worse, I spotted some camo 1.0 ripstop... for $3 a yard. After being spoiled with the $1 a yard, it just feels wrong to pay 3x that amount.

My sister scouted out another Wal-Mart for me and said she thinks they had two different types of the ripstop material. I'll head up there in a day or two and see what I can find. If they don't have anything that will work, then I guess I'll head back and grab the camo. I can't really complain, I know. It was marked about $1 off to bring it to the $3 price, but still....