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    Thanks for sharing your experience and tips. I made the same "insulation on top" mistake and the climashield just snagged on the machine. I ended up hand sewing, then flipping inside out and machine re-sewing. It never occurred to me to just flip it over! Man I feel stupid.

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    All right, I just spent the night testing my quilt:
    Conditions: low of 30 degrees, slight wind out of the SW (about 5 -7 mph). I was hanging with the tarp oriented N / S so the wind was blowing right in the tarp.
    Gear: Tarp, hammock, wind sock, "Patomic" underquilt*, CC sit pad torso length, RayWay quilt with alpine upgrade. With this set up less the RW quilt I have easily stood 30 degrees with my old sleeping bag turned quilt.

    Report: The RW quilt fit very well, even with the mistakes I made assembling it. There were no cold spots, or drafts even without the sock pulled up. There were at least 2 times at night that I had to uncover for a minute or 2 to cool off, plus the times I had to pee When I got back to bed after watering the trees & my ritual of checking the tarp (2 - 3 minutes?), the quilt was still noticably warm, & I warmed back up very quickly. When I sewed the foot pocket closed, I thought it way too small, Nope, it fit just right. I would love to add here that something went wrong, but I cannot. I have NO complaints about my RW quilt.

    * My Patomic is the prototype made by a never to be named sleeping bag manufacturer, it isn't up to the standards of either KAQ or Black Bishop, but it (mostly) works for me. As a one of a kind, I like it. And as I carry a torso length sit pad anyway, I am OK with it. It is a bit thin, ie minimal loft, so another RW or a JRB as an underquilt is in the planning stage, that is: I am saving up my pennies again.
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