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What upsets me is the people who have tried a smaller model HH or an old bottom entry hammock and then say that all HH's are uncomfortable compared to a WBB. That's just not fair, in my opinion. At least try something comparable and then cast your vote.
well, you can thank me for the zipper and double bottom on your hh if you want, they never had options like that before the bb was around.

actually, the "smaller" model hh's "are" comparable in size to the BB's. notice their smaller models (up to 6') have a 100" RL, basically the same as the BB (rated to 6'6"+), and i'm almost positive that the hammock body length is very similar too if i recall. their larger models have a rl of 108" and up, so if you wanted to compare apples to apples you'd actually be comparing similar "sized" hammocks, not similarly "height-rated" hammocks.

comparing the BB to your DJXL is a poor comparison because the DJXL is signifigantly longer (about a foot longer i believe), so when someone makes a comparison between the expedition and the BB, that is a "fair" comparison because they are basically the same size.