2012 Colorado Summer Hang Friday and Saturday July 6 & 7; Hike 3 nights 8th to 10th hike out on 11th.

Pot luck Saturday evening, the 7th.

Where: Suggestions in no particular order.

1. Hang at the Cebolla Campground near Lake City in the San Juans. Hike Rough Creek to Colorado Trail and back East Mineral Creek. Lollipop hike.

2. Hang Camp Hale Campground near Tennessee Pass. Hike Colorado Trail back to Copper Mountain - but only a two night hike. Shuttle hike.

3. Hang Kelly Dahl Campground near Nederland. Hike the north loop in Indian Peaks out of Brainard Lake. Red Deer Lake, Cascade Creek, Pawnee Lake - bring your fishing gear. Alternate hike an overnighter to Diamond Lake out of the 4th of July Trailhead.

4. Hang at one of the many campgrounds near Turquoise Lake by Leadville. Hike Colorado Trail to Bear Lake then Porcupine Lake. Only two night hike, but bring your fishing gear. Shuttle hike.

5. Hang at Turquoise Lake again. Three night hang south on Colorado Trail ending at Twin Lakes with optional climb of Mt Massive (14,421 ft- 2nd highest). Shuttle hike.

6. Hang at Goose Creek Campground. Hike a three night loop of Hankins Pass and Goose Creek.