Got a package from the mailman before I went to work this morning, had to wait all day to get home and set it up! Got my tarp from WB! It's a nice dark green (hard to tell in the pics). Also got a package from Joe at ZPacks, some CF bags and some ZingIt. I used a few inches of shock cord tied onto the D rings of the tarp, then tied on some ZingIt to go to the stakes. Wanted to try out porch mode on the other side, so I didn't take the time to attach shock cord to the other side (but will later). Using S 'biners to attach the tarp to the prussics on the Dutch CRL (Dutch hook and Flyz). Finally got it all together! Just waiting for my Crowsnest UQ and then have to buy a TQ and I'm DONE! The only 'biners in the whole setup are 2 s 'biners on the CRL.

The height and everything aren't optimal, just a rushed testing (I couldn't help myself!)

Happy Hangin'