Equals a poncho liner based under quilt. I bought a couple poncho liners this spring to mess around with and recently got a sewing machine. After looking at the DIY IX Underquilt and the Sew-em up PLUG threads, I decided to combine them into my first DIY project. I learned first that I am terrible at sewing. Second, pins are your friend. 3rd, the whole differential cut business was a lot harder than I thought it would be. A few hours of cursing and learning how to use my machine yielded this.

It has 3 layers of Insultex, a shock cord suspension and shock cord at the ends for venting/tightening.

I need to get an indoor hammock stand so I can test these things. I used WAY more shock cord than I need for the suspension. I'll cut it down a bit after I can play with it on the hammock. Its a heavyweight at 25 Oz but it should work for a summer/3 season. Most likely this will be my loaner quilt as my winter incubator is only 4oz more and packs smaller than this one, but time will tell.