I am trying to find some decent rope to hang my Warbonnet Mamajamba before this weekend (Forgot to order some guy line, Doh). My local REI has only PMI nylon cord which I understand can stretch and cause some sagging. I went to home depot and they have hollow, braided poly rope. I have read this stuff doesn't stretch much, but I'm wondering if it will be strong enough to hang a tarp once everything is pulled taut.

The stuff I'm looking at is Everbilt Neon Cord 5/32" x 75', working load limit 50 lb. The only thing I am worried about is the low load limit.

Link to rope

They have some other stuff that is about 1mm thicker with a working load limit of 70lb, this would be OK too, but I'm not sure that 20lb would make much of a difference. The only other rope they had was some really thick stuff that I don't want to carry.

So would 50-70 lb working load limit poly rope be OK or are there any other stores I should check out? I was thinking sporting goods places (sports authority and dicks both have kelty triptease online, but not sure if its in the store) or some specialty boating stores?