Wow, sorry - I didn't realize how many Canadians were up in this forum.
I'm not sure why, but I always assume that forums are 99% American based, lol.

Basically, I'm looking for help/advice from anyone who has tried (or does regularly) winter hammock camping in our Ontario winters.

It seems that everything I've found on the subject is based more on the warmer climates.

I'm from Haliburton County (like an hour and a half north of Peterborough).
We have LOTS of awesome spots to camp here, and my camping partner and I are wanting to do year round camping (as I seldom get weekends off, etc)

I don't have much $$ at my disposal, so cheap is good.

I have a nylon spear hammock (just a simple and cheap one, but I love it), as well as a GI styled Jungle hammock.

I'm not too sure which would be better.

I have a ground pad (closed cell foam).

I'm wondering if using an old sleeping bag I have as an underquilt would be suffice.
It's only rated to -2, however I'm wondering if that would be an issue, based on the underquilt purpose. It's primarily to block wind from below and add some non-compressed insulation, right? Would it work, or is Down Filled required?

As far as tarps, I plan to get one that's larger than a summer/fair weather tarp, so I can get it close to ground, and close up the ends to keep wind out as well.

Anyone tried just using Wool blanket(s) for a top quilt? Or again, is Down that important?

As I mentioned, I'm on a pretty tight budget, so I'm trying to find a way to do this as cheap as poss (which usually translated in to added weight and bulk, sadly).

Also, what would be the LOWEST temp safe to Hammock?

Thanks for any help and advice on this matter.