I ordered from Arrowhead and got an online notice about a delivery attempt only I was home all day. When I went to the PO they couldn't explain why there wasn't a notice on my door. They had no idea where the attempt was made or where the package was. It took about 3 days for them to find it and I never got an explanation.

UPS sucks just as bad. I ordered something and worked from home Fri because on Thur it was listed as being in the city. Fri morning it was out for delivery. Never showed. Called them and they said, "Oh, that's just info on the truck not a physical scan of the package. It could still be in the originating city." WTH? What kind of BS is that? Sure enough I got it Mon.

They all suck. FedEx is in my experience better for the simple fact that I can stop by if I miss them. Can't do that with UPS.