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    In the North Carolina mountains!
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    She has expressed in no way shape or form is she interested in hiking, much less hangin'.
    I don't try to change that whatsoever, I know a good thing when I see it!!!
    "Is this the best you've got?!!" (Shortoff Mtn., Linville Gorge 2010)

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    I am insistant on my position that if she wants to go with me then she needs to take care of herself. I go out to enjoy myself, not to wet nurse another adult. I mean I will cook for us both but I don't want to go out and setup two of everything and constantly make sure someone else is takin care of. But if you want to I'd say keep miles short, let her set the pace, and take food that she likes. Good luck! I did pick up a pack for my wife, just waitin for her to say she wants to go.
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