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    SOLD: Books For Sale

    Buy all 6 books and I'll knock off 30% of the total - ($25.00 - $7.50= $17.50 total)

    Long distance Hiking- Roland Musser (1998) -$6.00
    Walking Softly in the Wilderness- John Hart (1984) -$3.00
    High Country Trail- Along the Continental Divide- $3.00
    America's Magnificent Mountains- $3.00
    Midnight Wilderness - Debbie S. Miller (1990)- $3.00
    Between a Rock and a Hard Place (2004)- $4.00 (note: This book is BRAND NEW)

    These do not include shipping (Media, First Class, Priority, or how ever you want it, USPS ONLY) or Paypal fee (if you choose to pay this way)(but I'd take MO or Chk.)[/COLOR][/B]
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    I just listed some gear on another thread..... The difference is shipping is NOT included on these books, but IS included with the gear........

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    A WALK IN THE WOODS has been sold............

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    I have added some books to the bottom of the list...........

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    The "Lighten Up" book has been SOLD, and the BUY IT ALL discount has been updated and is current...........

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    "Into Thin Air", SOLD..........

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    Received the underquilt today.


    Can't wait to try it out... soon as I FIGURE it out!

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    Some of the books ( not the 3 buck ones) have been reduced................

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