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    Quote Originally Posted by Wags View Post
    why did your setup only change by .1 ounce with those mods? the stock straps, suspension, and 2 of his biners on a 1.1 is 28.6 oz. Perhaps the sack is an ounce also. Hmmm.
    I posted the weight from my spreadsheet, but you got me to thinking. So, I actually weighed it again and got only 27.4 ounces in the sack.

    I think weighed it before finishing my mods and put that in my spreadsheet.
    Now I have updated my spreadsheet - thanks Wags!
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    Love the universal Nalgene bottle. Especially because objects are always larger than the bottle in every comparison I've seen.

    So, here's what you do. Consult a chart on rope of various types for density. Nylon rope doesn't float. So its a little denser the water.
    "A pint's a pound around the world around"
    So, consistent with my efforts to stuff nylon fabric into stuff sacks: A 16 oz pound of hammock stuffs aggressively to a little over a 16 oz pint volume.

    A major reason for me to use Amsteel? Well it floats on water, but is so strong, suspension made of it creates little volume. 4 oz >---> 5oz.

    Caveat on the above: I haven't found a way, because there is none, of compressing bug netting. Eyeballing it, I'd say and estimate its volume AS IF it were three times as heavy.

    Perspective: The Grand Trunk Nano 7 includes 2 nice carabiners --credit marketing -- and no suspension. Set aside those 'biners, and an entire 1600lb test strength suspension can be done so that the hammock kit weighs barely over 8 oz. And, important for me, with it tucked into a pocket of a jersey, compressed so it is the size of a 12 oz beverage can.
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    While I am waiting for my 1.7 DD Blackbird to arrive, it's been my experience every time I go hiking, if I roll versus stuff my gear into my backpack, I will save a lot of room. A bit more time consuming perhaps, but it does work. When mine does come in, I'll see if I can do the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post
    if you're concerned about the weight there's always the single layers, but the double is better if you planning on using a pad for awhile
    I'm not worried about the slight weight difference, just the packed dimensions as I asked. I was just measuring it against other things in my bags and rack.

    I have already ordered the 1.1 double layer and the tarp based on the answeres in the thread. Once I got the dimensions from you I placed the order. Thanks again fro your help.

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