So I was looking at a park in NYC that has public hammocks:
5 hammocks - 5! - for 8,175,133 people

and one park that may soon add some:
maybe 20 more... help is on the way

Not to speak anathema in a largely camping hammock forum, but the public demands spreader bars in their hammocks (they also need instructions on shampoo bottles and choking hazard warnings on Nerf products). But instead of a flat bar, is there any reason I couldn't/shouldn't experiment with a somewhat downward curved bar that better mimics the more comfortable and cocoon-like hug of our beloved camping hammocks?

Obviously, there is a lot of force shooting through those bars, and a curve would have to resists it all the more. But we have carbon fiber, space age alloys and whatnot. Also, it could be reinforced at the top by adding a flat bar across it. But are there any other practical concerns that I may have totally missed (the arc bending forward/back distorting the overall shape of the hammock, etc.)?

If you haven't guessed by now, I'm not much of an engineer or even a DIYer. Still, it seems like this add could make public or emplaced hammocks a ton more comfortable and stable.