I've been thinking about making yet another hammock and I've been toying around with the idea of how the bug net attaches. On my previous one I made the HH clone from HC4U's sticky and made a removable bug net, velcro on one side, zipper on the other. I used some noseeum netting and it just feels real flimsy on that zipper. Since that's what's getting the most action it has me a little concerned. This new hammock is going to be for a buddy of mine and I was going to play around with the design. I was thinking about making something more similar to the super sexy WBBB sans foot box, where the bug net is permanently attached and the zipper is a few inches below. I've read through some of the instructions and they talk about sewing a separate strip of fabric to attach the zipper to the hammock body and bug net. My question is couldn't you just slice into the hammock body and put the zipper there? Would that jeopardize the structural integrity of the hammock body?