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    Tarp Ridgeline Issue

    Hi Folks!

    I am having a sagging tarp issue.

    Currently, my wife and I are hiking the AT and are hammocking. We use a cuben tarps that we made, and based on some comments elsewhere on the forum, are using a continuous ridgeline so we do not put un-needed stress on the cuben's ridgeline seam. We use prussik knots with a small carabiner to hook to the D Ring on our tarp ridgeline.

    This has worked well while using the Zpacks zline spectra cord ( This is great cord in general, although we have had it start to break down using the DutchBones as this cord is not a braided, but a core-with-sleeve design.

    The issue has started when I went to using the ZingIt. I like this cord a lot, but my prussiks slip, even when I have a 5 loop prussik. Any ideas on how I can solve this? I am currently using a Sterling rope for the prussiks.

    An additional footnote...I have used shockcord for the prussik knot as well, and do not want to use it again. The stretch that it makes requires a longer distance between the two 'Vs' that end up requiring the tarp to be set too high.
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