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    Tarps, Hammocks and what? Cannons !!!

    Sailors use hammocks!!!

    Last October a good friend of mine got married in Baltimore Maryland. While there I visited the "Constellation” Baltimore Maritime Museum on the Inner Harbor. If you have not ever been, IMO a must see!

    Baltimore's "Constellation" (Tall Ship) was commissioned in 1855; the U.S.S. Constellation was the last all-sail ship built by the United States Navy. Today the historic vessel lies at anchor (figuratively speaking) in Baltimore's Inner Harbor, where visitors can climb aboard and get a firsthand look at what the life of a sailor was like in days past.

    The crew berthing area (basically just hammocks strung from the rafters of the gun deck) onboard the USS Constellation, a wooden-hulled sloop-of-war that served in the U.S. Navy from 1854-1933 and 1940-1955. It's now a museum ship in Baltimore, Maryland.
    Huge tarp, lots of hammocks and Cannons!

    See Pics:
    Big O’l Tarp on ships aft deck protecting sailors from sun and elements.
    Canvas hammocks made from sails for sailors to sleep on.
    Sick Bay had a bridge type hammock
    And yes CANNONS!
    Front of Ship
    Right Side Looking Down Font Ship

    The USS Constellation and Museum Location:
    Pier1, 301 East Pratt St.
    Baltimore, MD 21202
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