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. I have been making a system that will contain the bag and also act as a hammock sock.

Can you tell me more about this?
I'd like to make my own ... cover... but haven't found instructions yet.

I made a 4-in-1 sock cover for my quilt and posted pix in my gallery.

A cover can simply be piece of 1.1 oz ripstop, basically the same dimensions of the hammock, but shorter, with lightweight string to hold it under the quilt. Attach the string to the hammock suspension. That's the easiest and most basic. You want fancy? How much weight penalty are you willing to accept? How much time do you want to spend on it? Multi functional or single purpose? Lots and lots of pros and cons, and probably twice that many opinions on this forum. Look in the 'socks and travel pods" section. Spend some time reading, and imagining, and then experiment to find what best suits you and your vision of perfect.