I have an old no-name tent (probably Wal-mart or something) that I never used, not even sure how I got it...but it is way too big and way too heavy and has been sitting in my closet dormant forever. Well now my hammock addiction has me wanting to tear the thing up for DIY projects on the hammock. I was browsing around for some shock cord...then came across a thread on HF about someone using the shock cord inside tent poles. That is a great idea! So I guess I am going to rip the thing up. I was also thinking of making a undercover out of the silnylon. But that will be for later as sewing is involved.

How would you get that shock cord out and prepare it for use as guy line tensioners? Should I break up the tent pole and cut it out with scissors, then burn the ends of the shock cord? Or is a scissor cut okay? Furthermore, do you think the shock cord off of a dormant tent for +10 years are still okay for use? I was pulling on the tent poles and it seemed okay. Just wouldn't want one to fail when I am out in the woods. Thanks for any suggestions/comments.