In my search to find Zing-it locally, without any luck, a couple people recommended a place here that deals in diving,sailing and kayak gear. They have a wall full of different type cords. The man said he had never heard of Zing-it or Lash-it. He did,however say he had some 1.7mm utility line with 1000lb breaking strength. I have been searching this forum for a few months now and never heard anyone say anything about a 1.7mm line with that strength. He said they use it on kayak rudders instead of the metal cables because it is slippery and has very good abrasion resistance. I have heard of using Vectran for kayak rudders, but he said this is a Dyneema line, not Vectran. When I asked if he was sure of 1000lb breaking strength, he said he could pull my car with it as long as he did'nt snatch the rope! He did not know the Manufacturer or the name, so I'm hoping someone here knows. I've never seen Zing-it or held it, so I have nothing to compare it with. This cord seems a little bit stiff to me. I'm using it for a CRL, which seems like overkill for that. If the 1000lbs is true, you could hang a hammock with this. Any thoughts?