...or, at least that's what my wife and girls call it.

Plucked Chicken- (1) in hand.bmp

Two large mailers and Tyvek tape were used to create a "No-Sew" tubular style stuff sack with three compartments, each individually closable with cinch cords. Hammock gets stuffed in the middle compartment and the suspensions from each end in each end compartment.

All pics in this post were taken using the Plucked Chicken with my HH Hyperlite Backpacker with ZQ2Q mod2, additional gear loft on ridgeline, peak bag installed in one end, DIY AmSteel UCR suspension and HH 1" straps. This same bag was used this last winter season with HH supershelter (bottom and overcover) installed, but since removed to to warmer weather:

Plucked Chicken- (2) soft shackles exposed.bmp Plucked Chicken- (5) empty.bmp Plucked Chicken- (3) end opened.bmp Plucked Chicken- (4) size relation.bmp Plucked Chicken- (A) packed.bmp

For deployment, just:

(1) pull straps from one end:
Plucked Chicken- (B) suspension compartment open.bmp

(2) wrap/attach:
Plucked Chicken- (C) head suspension out.bmp

(3) pull other end, wrap/attach:
Plucked Chicken- (D) 2nd suspension compartment open.bmp

(5) loosen one end of center compartment, and tighten my AmSteel UCR's.
Plucked Chicken- (E) middle open and hammock deploying.bmp

(2) large tyvek mailers
Tyvek tape cut to 1/2" strips
(4) 18" lengths of cinch cord (I used gutted paracord)
(4) cord locks

Quick and dirty how to:
(1) Cut the top closure from both packets. Stick them in the washer for a cycle to soften, then air dry them outside.
(2) Slit the bottom of the first mailer, then added cinch cords to each end making the center compartment for the tube.
(3) Cut the second mailer into two half length tubes, then taped the bottom edge of each to the circumference of each end and cinch corded the top ends again.