I was able to see an ENO hammock at a store last week and was really impressed, it looked great and I definitely thought it would be comfortable. Since I was in the middle of making two of my own hammocks, I figured that I shouldn't spend the money on a new hammock, though.

I am curious how they make their two-color hammocks. I saw the seam, but am afraid that if I tried the same it would end up ripping along the stitching. If I remember correctly, it was some sort of a rolled hem and triple-stitched. I didn't inspect it very closely, so I can't say too much. Are they just sewn high enough that the main weight of the body isn't on the stitching, or am I missing something?

For my next round of DIY's, I would like to make a dual color. I could purchase two different colors, and mine will have color A for the sides and B for the bottom, while my fiance's will have color B for the sides and A for the bottom. (She really liked the nicer colors, so I'll have to go with something besides $1 bin fabric, I suppose...)