I am a newb and am trying dif. hammocks.
What's your favorite way to comfortably hang the Switchback?
I have tried and returned a HH exped(too small), a WB1.1dbl(calf pressure), a HH Safari(too big and heavy) --gonna get this right if it kills me!
and am now considering between a HH Deep Jungle(pretty comfy w/ no calf pressure except in a couple spots) and a Switchback 1.1dbl not thoroughly tested yet, but w/ hardly no calf pressure also, but some shoulder pressure(from sides) and bugnet hanging close to face.
I want to test them properly and only have a backyard with a fence post and a support pillar of my patio to connect to. The fence post is about 6ft and the pillar is about 8ft. The distance between these connection points is about 18 feet.
Anyway I always wind up having the foot end connected to the pillar w/ the tree straps at about 7-7.5ft and the head end to the post at about 5.5-6ft. And with this height and distance I'm noticing that I almost always have a center ridge on all hammocks I've tried and they wind up with a fairly tight lay or if I loosen the lay I wind up close to the ground.
Is it the distance? or high foot end? or not getting the 30deg. angle on the low fence post connection which is causing these problems?
I also am getting the bugnet almost in my face from the sides of it, not the top. I put the bugnet line above the marlin spike w/a small biner, but the head end is attached to the low fence post. --maybe should be higher?
Bottom line -- what type of layout do you suggest with a Switchback, that is, distance? angle? tight or loose?, keeping bugnet up?, etc. Should it be centered between connection points?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.