Trying to hang one night in the Croatan National Forest on a bike ride to the coast. I was trying not to stray too far from my route and to get as close to the eastern edge of the forest as possible to increase the odds of my catching an earlier ferry to Ocracoke the next day. I looked at Flanners Beach, but thought I could give myself a little more breathing room the next day by going a bit further. Siddie Fields is also under consideration, but it adds about an hour of travel to my route.

Then I realized that I'm going to cross right over the Neusiok trail, which offers dispersed camping anywhere along it's length. I was thinking of just walking my bike a couple of yards down the trail to escape road noise and headlights and pitching my hammock for the night. I just wonder if anyone familiar with the area knows of any pitfalls with this plan? Like lack of camping options, proximity of houses (looks like there's a scrap yard right near there?), or trail conditions that would prevent me from rolling my bike a few feet into the woods. I think gunner76 frequents that area and perhaps some other forum members.