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    Quote Originally Posted by bradclarkston View Post
    What knot do you use to tie the SRL to the descender rings?
    I make fixed loops in my amsteel and girth hitch them to things as needed. Using smaller climbing rated biners for my above suggestion would be easier for set up if you have fixed loops on your amsteel.
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    Whoopies w/ straps
    Bubba, I like your idea. I might just do this on my No See Um hammock. Thanks!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
    Here's a picture of a Single Line suspension from the Sticky thread (photos from headchange4u's SLS sticky thread). What I suggest is make one of these: :

    Feed it through the end channels like this:

    And then attach a SRL from one ring to the other similar to this picture except in your case you will have whoopie slings going from the rings to the trees:

    If you make the loops longer, the SRL will have to be longer and your bugnet will hang higher if you tie it to the SRL. You can still flip the hammock over when you disconnect the bugnet.
    Love that single line suspension. Id love to make one but I am horrible with knots. If anyone has one for sale or would like to make one and me pay them for it I would greatly appreciate it. Message me if so

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