Hey everyone, I was just sitting here reflecting on how much has changed since Sept. 2, when I discovered I hated sleeping on the ground. (and it is also the day I consider to be the beginning of my journey to becoming a hanger!)

In a matter of 112 days (which is a longer amount of time that I have before I start my thru!) I've discovered a completely new and WAY BETTER way of camping/sleeping/lounging in the outdoors.

So thanks to every single one of you that have helped me get here. I seriously would not have been able to learn this stuff this fast or feel confident about using it for my thru next year if it were not for all of the patience and knowledge you all have shared with me.

So I'm thankful for my wonderful friends and fellow hangers here on the hammock forum. Happy holidays to you all and may you have many happy hanging days in 2007.