For both backpacking and kayak camping, the volume of my gear is nearly as important as its ultra-light-weightness. I use long whoopie slings to give me options in areas where trees are far apart. Perhaps as a contribution to this scientific inquiry, I will make a set of whoopies from Amsteel Blue in the length of my dynaglide whoopies and then attempt to create an objective measurement comparison of their packability/compressability/stowability. I spent a fortune to shave barely more than an ounce off my tarp weight (spinn to cuben), and was happy to do so since the cuben tarp compresses and packs well. If the cuben tarp consumed twice the volume in my backpack or kayak hatch, I would have accepted the heavier weight of the spinn tarp in exchange for its compact compressability. Now, again, I'm assuming that the storage/compressability/packability comparison between dynaglide and Amsteel Blue becomes a factor only when you're carrying hundreds of feet of it. But it is important to measure all this stuff, objectively, and share it with our brothers and sisters so that we are fully informed consumers. Plus, for many of us, myself included, all this obsessive measurement and calculating while we're off the trail is a big part of the fun of the hobby.