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    Quote Originally Posted by DemostiX View Post
    Maybe it is the same seller, "Shawn.....".
    For my first purchases from him, I won two auctions to take advantage of combined shipping. To reduce seller's costs, I told him it was fine with me to not include the cardboard he mounted the hanks on. That way he might be able to mail both hanks by First Class Mail, which has a 13 oz weight limit, and pocket a few extra $.

    He shipped promptly by First Class, and my tip off was that the lightweight mailing envelope contained the cardboard mounts. "Too light for 200+ feet of 1/8" 1500 lb line!!"

    Then I opened the package and was surprised at the visual comparison with 'spensive 1/8" Amsteel Blue I splurged on 10 feet of. Puny, sickly, and so limp!

    Seller disagreed with me, not persuade by the weight / length relationship, but immediately refunded everything, including shipping. He said he would conduct breaking strength tests of his own to confirm his listing.

    Maybe you bought line from the same spool after he had done so -- how hard can it be for amateurs to conduct such tests? A set of barbell weights, an anvil with jaws, and lever? --and he de-rated it.

    But, that Spectra (tm) sure is silky smooth and easy to run large fids through, isn't it?
    Yup - same seller. I bought from him at least a year ago, not lately. He showed a willingness to negotiate shipping and such then. I'm glad you found him fairly reasonable, too. If you decide you don't want the spectra you got from him, I'll buy it from you. I have other uses for it than full hammock suspensions, and it splices very easily. I have some 7/64" Amsteel I could swap with you, too. (Only drawback is it's blue; beware of Smurfy fingers. )
    Just re-read your post - looks like you returned the Spectra. I bought some Vectran 1/16" from him, too, and have used it for structural ridgelines. Possible swap there, too.
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