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    Talking First hammock completed!

    I am pleased to report finishing my first hammock. Thank you to the forum for all your support while I figured all this out...

    The result:

    9.5' X 5'
    25 oz

    Body: 13 oz.
    Support rope: 1.25 oz.
    Ridgeline: 1.25 oz.
    Carabiners: 4.5 oz.
    Webbing: 6 oz.

    I made it out of fabric from Wally, which I determined was about 2 oz/yd. I used the full 5' width because I didn't want to cut the entire length of the hammock.

    The hardest part was pinning the entire thing, but I don't want to think about what my rolled hem would have looked like about halfway through if I would have done it by hand...It was bad enough as it is!

    I was a bit unhappy with the finished weight being 25 oz. I will probably cut the body down a bit, or make one out of lighter material, or both next time...but for now, I am pretty pleased with this first effort...
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