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    Sewn Through Box Baffles

    I've been thinking about sewing an underquilt, and I'm wanting some opinions on how to do the baffles. I have a WM Highlite, and it has sewn through box baffles. It is rated for 35 deg and weighs only 1lb. I have been very comfortable down to 22 deg in this bag. Also, if get really cold, I always have some hand warmers on hand (pun intended) that I just stuff in there. So, with all that, has anyone sewn through their baffles on their underquilt? My plan is to completely make the fabric part of the UQ, then put the down in, and then close up that open end. Will this work? If it will not work, I guess my next question is: What will work?
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    There is a thread on this very topic here. I don't remember if there was any real conclusion.

    I made a summer quilt with baffles, even though it only has 1.75" loft. Worked well. With a rolled hem presser foot, sewing on the baffles is really easy and does not take a lot of time at all.

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