I've done a bunch of searches but can't find the photo of marked amsteel 7/64 that someone posted of which strands to cut. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

I passed by a West Marine yesterday and bought 50' of silver amsteel 7/64 to make 2 whoopies and some sort of ridgeline (also a whoopie maybe). Also bought 20' of Polyester 1" webbing to use as tree huggers, 4 steel rings in lieu of the SMC rings.

I'm still messing around with my (our?) first hammock and trying to get everything just right to convince my very stubborn SO to at least try the hammock. I had originally stated that I was buying from one of the vendors here but I decided against it at the last second in case my SO happened to be home and received the packages. It would all be over then