Hey all,

Posted something similar on whiteblaze.net, figured I'd bounce it off all you guys as well.

Just picked up a Vuade Sioux 800 220L. I purchased it at a Ma and Pa type of store which was having a sale. Apparently the company is German and the quality seems to be great. I am only apprehensive because I do not know about the rating. They use an interesting system.

Comfort Zone: Down to -5 *C, optimal 1 *C, too hot 5 *C.
Lower Zone: Down to -10*C (in the mummy bag but curled up with legs closer to the body)

I was hoping to get 3-season use out of this, of course if the weather calls for anything extremely cold I won't be out at all. I will probably be wearing some sort of synthetic pant and shirt to sleep in designed for warmth in the colder months.

It compresses pretty small where I can pull the compression straps almost all the way down into a ball that's about the size of a rugby ball.

Do you think this will cut it?
Got it for sale for $55. The list price is 65 euros only or $99.

Here is a link, not sure if its the actual model....

Let me know if you guys have had any experience with this brand.