No problem HappyCamper, I hope to make it also. I actually put in for vacation the entire week, 9-10 to 9-18, the only thing that could come up is an emergency that I would have to postpone my vacation. This is rare and has not happened to me yet in the 10 yrs I have worked with my current employer, so it looks real promising for me to make it. If I do, I'll probably be up there, or at least somewhere in the Mountains hanging that entire week. If it happens to be Dolly I'll try to keep you updated on weather conditions.

If any of the links have a problem, please let me know. If anyone has a question about how to transfer or get things working in Google or with the files let me know. I'll try to help out as much as possible. Just PM me so we don't clutter things up too much here.

If anyone has no way to print out the topo maps and would like a copy, let me know. I can print 11x17 color, PM me on this also.

I forgot one other link that you may want is Link to NOAA magnetic declination. For this year Declination = 9 16' W changing by 0 1' W/year.