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Anyone familiar with this area of Red Creek? Sounds like it's near the second hammock hang sight just downstream maybe? From what I have read it's a natural water slide down into a swimming hole. I would love to give this a go, anyone wanna join me?

Link to picture of the slide. Its the 2nd row down, middle picture. Click on it to enlarge.
Waterfall Slide Pic

WV, hope to see ya on the trail, maybe give the water slide a try.
I think you have the location correct. I've seen it, but never slid. I expect the experience varies considerably with the season, weather, water temperature, and amount of flow.

I'll watch for you. We should be at the campsite on Raven Ridge Thursday night. Wednesday's location could depend on when we start hiking and which way we do the loop, but we should pass near the water slide either way.