I have made two DIY hammocks so far. One for my fiance and one for myself. Of course, hers is great and she loved the night she spent hanging on the back deck. "Slept better than in the tent," she says!

Unfortunately, my hammock didn't end up working quite as well. I settled for some shorter fabric so that I could go ahead and get it made. The finished result is 48x104 inches.
I originally had it whipped (using an accordion fold) and used it for a couple of hours one afternoon. It seemed plenty comfortable, but I like to recline more than lay flat when I read. I adjusted it some to tighten up the sides for sleeping and when I slept in it the other night, couldn't seem to get quite comfortable.
I re-whipped it using [url=http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/showpost.php?p=8228&postcount=77'wilsonbmw's HH-style folding[/url]. Both the HH-style and the accordion fold seemed to leave a taught spot in the center of the hammock near the ends, where the accordion fold didn't in my fiance's (longer, 10 ft) hammock.

Is this because it's shorter, or just because I need to adjust the whipping?