I need to replace the tree huggers on two Hennesy hammocks (ULBP and EUL). The replacement is required due to the lines cutting through the loops.

NOTE: We have started to use carabiners for ease of setup and to avoid cutting through the straps again

I am trying to decide which way to go.

1. Order replacements from HH (simple easy solution just place the order, no thought required)

2. Order custom straps from another supplier..... What size? What kind of material? Can I get the loops sewn? Should I get the same size for both? (the orginal straps were much thinner on the ULBP)

3. Order custom straps with rings pre-sewn on each end with one ring big enough to pass the other ring through it. These would be used like a dogs chocker collar around the tree and the line would be tied to one of the rings. Are there any places I could order something like this from? What size and material? Would the rings be heavier than the carabiners? Is this just a silly though and I should just stick with the carabiners?

Thoughts? Opinions? Cries of heresy?