For Sale for $125 with free CONUS shipping: A brand new, unused, Hennessey Hammock Adventure Racer hammock complete with heavy stuff sack, snake skins for storage on the trail, tree straps for bark protection, camo hammock fabric, blue silnylon rain tarp, and bug netting. Published weight is 15.6 ounces but the manufacturer is known to not weigh straps, tie outs, etc. There are much lighter suspension components available from cottage industry suppliers. My 10# spring scale shows 22 ounces for the trail weight which includes the snake skins but not the thick, heavy stuff sack.

The user weight limit for this hammock is 175 pounds, with a recommended height of 5'8" or 5'9" because all of the components are down-sized.

Having just tried a HH Hyperlite model which is larger, this Adv. Racer is not enough hammock for me.