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    WTB Grand Trunk Skeeter Beater Pro

    Im a noob and am loving my GTUL.

    And now I must begin my upgrade pilgrimage. I must climb and toil through the hammocking learning process like all the great hammokers of history. Buying and modifying cheaper hammocks, upgrading, learning, yearning for the perfect setup... perhaps eventually arriving at this goal thru much effort, time and sobering mistakes. Or perhaps ultimately buying a well built one that everybody says is awesome for bigger $$$ from a well regarded small manufacturer who is with us on these forums.

    Maybe someone would find it in their heart / gear closet to send me to the 2nd stage of my gear crawling journey and sell me their old Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro for about $50 including shipping (USPS) to New York?

    Much respect, Jakerock

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