I can't decide on what to do for an UQ.

I would like to get something before a trip next month where the temps will dip to maybe 60 at night. Ultimately I need an UQ that will go lower for at least 3 season trips.

I have been looking all over at every UQ made by everyone I can find, including toying with the idea of making my own. I made my own Climashield quilt last month and it ended up around 11oz, so I was happy with that. I figure I could make something for $50-60 in down if I wanted.

I like everything about the Molly Mac Baby Orca, but I am worried about pack size. I like that it can be expanded with inserts to go lower in the window, minimizing the need for multiple UQ's.

So basically wishlist is...
1) Packs small.
2) Weighs as little as possible. (would really like 10-12oz or less)
3) Warm as I can get it.

Not asking too much am I?

Again, I have read through what seems like every post on this forum and browsed all the vendors I can find - but I am hoping someone can give me some guidance.