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    Taking a new guy out in Minnesota, any locals that can loan some gear?

    Howdy Hangers,

    A couple of us are heading up the the BWCA for a long weekend, Aug 17-21.

    Another friend just decided to join us, and he would really like to try hanging from trees like us!

    Looking for:

    >Gathered end Hammock(with netting)
    >Maybe a UQ if someone has a full length they want to loan (or he can use his pad)
    >Maybe some whoopies, but we could make due with some straps.

    We don't need tree huggers, or a TQ (he can use his bag)

    We were going to scramble and build him some gear, but the time is getting short.

    If anyone would like to help out we would really appreciate it.
    We live near the twin cities area.

    Gear will be treated like our own.

    Feel free to PM me for my phone #.

    Thanks in advance
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