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    Thanks for the welcome everyone!


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    Why I am working on an Underquilt when it's 100*+ outside? Well, because it's too hot to actually be outside.

    So I sat down Sunday evening and started measuring, cutting, and injecting some thread. A few lightning strikes, some cold beer, and a few episodes of maniacal laughter, it lives!

    Rolled up and strapped. I have to find a decent stuff sack which may compress it a bit more. Next to it is a 10" bowie knife in a 12" sheath. It was handy for reference.

    Unfurled in all it's hideous glory. I may cut out some of the excess insulating material, but hey this ain't no fashion show.

    Close up of my less than epic fail stitching.

    It measures 54" x 44". Weights 2lbs. Heavier than I wanted, but it covers from my head down to my thighs. Faux hung the kit, but forgot to take pictures. It fits well, and I could feel a difference with the UQ. Only way to know for sure is to take it out when the temperature starts to drop.

    I was able to sell some gear, but not as much as I wanted too. I opted for the Wilderness Logics Big Daddy with side pullouts.

    I would have liked the doors, but honestly I was afraid of the sheer size and cost of a $140 tarp. $100 was somehow more palatable.

    Alright, ridicule of my UQ may now begin!


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    Quote Originally Posted by KLHinNC View Post
    ...some cold beer...
    That there squigly line is why its best not to drink and stitch.

    But like you said this ain't no fashion show. If it keeps your backside warm, thats all that really matters.
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