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    So I slept in my WBBB 1.1 DL along with a 3/4 length Therm-a-rest pro, 2 REI aluminium tent stakes, a small fleece blanket, a normal pillow, nylon shorts & a poly long sleeve shirt on Thursday night. Kinda funny, I was outside my apartment complex about 20 feet from the parking lot. (see attached image)

    It went pretty well. At least no one called the cops.

    My biggest problem was that I'm in GA & it was hot out! I got it setup and started trying to fall asleep around 10pm. I was sweating. I was just in my shorts, had the side completely unzipped and thrown over the top for max airflow. My body finally calmed down and I fell asleep around 11pm.

    I woke up a few times during the night just to roll over and fall back asleep. No biggie. I woke up in earnest around 1:30am because I was cold. I put on a shirt, closed the side zip, and got under my blanket. I later woke up around 4am due to a train going by a few miles away. I had to pee and by the time that was all over I was totally awake. Couldn't fall back asleep until 5am. Next thing I knew my alarm was going off @ 7am.

    All in all: Not quite as comfortable as a bed (hehe). Better night's sleep than I've ever gotten in a tent. I think it will only get better as I use it more. I'm a convert!

    Thanks to everyone's help on this forum (both direct & indirect as I read quite a bit to decide to go w/ WB before posting here to figure out which model) in picking out my WBBB 1.1 DL.

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    I think you got more sleep than many people do their first night in a hammock. I'd call it a success.
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