Hi All,

I have always used a tent and I sleep really poorly because my back gets really stiff on the hard ground (I herniated a couple discs in my lower back a few years ago).

I have some buddies who work at a local outdoors store who all love Hammock Camping (mostly Hennessy & Grand Trunks). Everything I've read online makes Hammock camping sounds like the greatest thing since sliced cheese. So here I am & I'm trying to figure out exactly what to get!

I've narrowed down to a Warbonnet. People seem to love them. I have a few questions/comments however...

1.) Can some people describe the function difference between a Traveler & a Blackbird. I know the Traveler doesn't have the integrated bug netting but I have read a few things that make it sound like people prefer the Traveler for winter... is that just because there are no bugs out?

2.) I'm mostly narrowed down to the Blackbird 1.1 Single, 1.1 Double, or 1.7 Single. I am 5'10", 160 lbs. This is probably my biggest point of contention right now!!! My biggest concern is comfort as that is why I am switching to Hammocks. Weight/Durability are equal as a 2nd priority.

3.) Trying to decide between an UnderQuilt immediately or starting with a 3/4 Thermarest I already have. This is influencing my 1 layer vs 2 layer decision.

4.) Figure I'll go with the simpler adjustable webbing for now since I'll probably upgrade either choice in the long run.

5.) Figure I'll start with a cheap (heavy) tarp until I figure out what I want.

I think that's it for now! PLEASE give me some good feedback so I can stop hunting/waffling/waiting and start Hammock Camping