Props on using the word exsanguinated!

Ya I think I've made up my mind to order the DL 1.1 WBBB with the "easier" straps and no rainfly.

I'm the kind of guy who likes to do my homework when it comes to gear. I need to put some legwork into rainflies.

The double seems more versatile, more comfortable, and it only burns 4 oz. Probably a better choice for the beginner. I go for lightweight when I can, but the point of this whole hammock exercise is to get off the ground and get a good night's sleep. If I am more comfortable in a flatter, less bite-y, hammock, that is worth 4 oz. Plus, it's the best color!

Gonna go fo the easy straps because I'm sure I'll be upgrading to something like Whoopies eventually so I'll go w/ ease of setup for now.

Thanks for all the help everyone! I'll post back after my first night!