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    Quote Originally Posted by heywoodja View Post
    You should if you wanted to minimize all risk but I won't be that much above him and his hammock should be able to support both of us if I fall.
    What about the weight of you landing on him?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearclaw View Post
    The only thing I can add is in Cub Scouts we are dealing with 1st to 5th graders and when they see your hammock they are going to have to try it out. What I had to do was to limit the horse play around and in the hammock area. We don’t need to give BSA any reason to ban hammocks form cub scouts and possibly younger scouts. Remember BSA has very stringent guidelines on safety. The only other thing, if you are changing clothes makes sure you have a “Cub Scout appropriate” area to change. We always had a tent available to change in.

    BearClaw (Pack 4, Den Leader)
    Good point.

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    "What about the weight of you landing on him?"

    I do understand I could hurt him a little (or maybe a lot) if my suspension broke but I weigh that against him getting out of the upper bunk and breaking an arm or leg or he could also hurt me by falling on me and keep the sole bread winner out of work for a while and put the rest of the family in jeopardy. Sometimes in life you have to trust your gear and take a little risk if I thought it was a bigger risk I wouldn't do it. That being said if we find the right tree set up I'll do side by side setup and I have a little less to worry about.

    Thanks for the changing room reminder - I have a white tarp (shadows) so I'll have to make sure to change in the outhouse or bring my potty tent from the camper.

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